Twenty-fifth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Haggai 2: 1-9
Gospel Reading
Luke 9: 18-22

Opening Prayer

Awesome Abba, You are the God of everything! In riches and poverty, You are the God of our history and heritage, woven in the fiber of who we are and what happens to us. Your glory shines when our dreams are fulfilled, and even when disillusionment darkens our spirit. In times of darkness, enlighten us to believe and trust that Your glory will shine in triumph and tragedy. When Jesus asks us who we believe he is, like a Dad teaching us to drive, help us to look him back in the eyes and acknowledge what we know in our hearts: that he is Your anointed One – and he embraces us in our darkness, confusion, failures, pains, and deaths, just as You embrace him. Through the Spirit of Jesus, we call you Abba. Through His Spirit, empower us to rebuild the Temple of Your glory and create Your Jerusalem of golden peace by the way we love one another and work for justice. Your sons and daughters love you, Abba!

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