Twenty First Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Joshua 24: 1-2a, 15-17, 18b
Second Scripture Reading
Ephesians 5: 21-32
Gospel Reading
John 6: 60-69

Opening Prayer

Faithful God, You call us to fidelity as Joshua called our ancestors. Help us to discipline and focus our restless hearts, which yearn for more comfortable and easier ways and create gods of our needs, desires, darkness, fears and selfishness. Keep us faithful to You, God of Life, and empower us to be faithful to each other, especially in our committed relationships. In a time of self-fulfillment it is difficult for us to surrender to others and sacrifice for others. You are the Servant God — teach us how to be servants to each other and that this will fulfill us more than our selfishness. Nurture family life and committed relationships, Lord. We do not want to walk away or drift from following you, Jesus. It just gets confusing and complicated. InSpirit us with Your courage and wisdom so that we can live as people who are empowered by the Holy One of God. Convert and transform that part of us which discards or ignores what is inconvenient and not useful. Live, breathe and be faithful in us, Lord Jesus.

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