Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Isaiah 66: 18-21
Second Scripture Reading
Hebrews 12: 5-7, 11-13
Gospel Reading
Luke 13: 22-30

Opening Prayer

God of the Covenant, sometimes our chosenness turns into arrogance. We get so wrapped up in our specialness and Your love for us that we become blind to our responsibilities and paralyzed in our responsiveness. Jesus echoed Isaiah when he prophesied that the ones who should know and respond would not be the ones gathered into the full and final feast. You invite strangers who surprise us, as we wrap ourselves in privileged status and belittling judgments about others. Please don’t let our righteousness blind us and exclude others. Your call to us in faith is a blessing and a challenge. Keep us faithful to the discipline of the challenge that peace and justice may blossom. We want to be seated at Your eternal, delicious banquet, Lord. Don’t let us miss it because we are seated at a table of our own choice and stubborn righteousness.

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