Twenty-fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Sir 27:30—28:7
Second Scripture Reading
Romans 14: 7-9
Gospel Reading
Matthew 18: 21-35

Opening Prayer

Forgiving God, please be bigger than I am! Healing Master, please be more merciful than we are! It is frightening that Your Word proclaims that You will treat us the way we treat each other. How can we change that scenario and destiny? I am aware of my pettiness, insecurity, sinfulness and darkness manifest in my behavior. We need Your Spirit to be like Christ Who became like us! Make us a forgiving and generous people toward each other. Empower us to live from the Heart of Jesus, and not to think that we always have to even the score. Gentle us to forgive forever, because that is how You forgive. Uplift us to forgive the debts and burdens people have to us or against us. We cannot do it without You, God of Life – we collapse into the violence of vengeance without You!

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