Twenty-ninth Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Romans 8: 1-11
Gospel Reading
Luke 13: 1-9

Opening Prayer

Intimate God, sometimes I’m overwhelmed by how close you are. Sometimes I feel more in control when you are away in Your heavens, instead of burrowing deep within the tabernacle of my soul. Help me and all people to accept how much You have embraced us – how Jesus embraced all humanity making us holy, and took it all to you, making us children of Your Spirit and Tabernacles of Your presence. You transform us from within. That seems so sneaky, Lord, but You are effective and know the best way to prune and refine us. Thank You for not treating me like my sin and selfishness deserve. Your merciful compassion is awesome and freeing. Continue to dig within, and prune away darkness and defects so that I might be more life-giving and allow Your life-giving energy to break out in us. Don’t trim too deeply, Lord – I don’t like to hurt. But cut deep enough to force me to grow in a more fruitful way. May Your light-filled presence shine from within me, Eternal Gardener in the bosom of my soul.

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