Twenty Seventh Week of Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
Galatians 3: 22-29
Gospel Reading
Luke 11: 27-28

Opening Prayer

Jesus, was your Mom hurt when you made faith more important than genetic heritage? Or did she understand what you were saying, as our Moms always do. They read our hearts. Thank you for immersing us in baptism into your life and energy. Thank you for freeing us from law which confines and empowering us with your Spirit Who expands and builds. Thank you for breaking through religious traditions which limited and excluded. You broke down all barriers which separate, divide, and exclude. We are one in you, Jesus. Help us not to diminish, divide, and demean, especially in your Name. Help us to be as open as you are. Empower us in faith to know that you see no Jew nor Greek, nor slave nor free, no male nor female – you see only God’s children struggling to understand and believe and love. Keep us faithful to your Word, spoken from God’s Heart.

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