Wednesday of the Twenty-Third Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
1 Corinthians 7: 25-31
Gospel Reading
Luke 6: 20-26

Opening Prayer

Lord Jesus, it is such a strange reflection of Paul’s as they thought You were returning very soon. But we hear Your instruction to remain faithful, joyful, and be life-giving in the relationships and situations You and our choices have made. Give us a detached embrace of the blessings You send us. Teach us more to embrace Your new law, the beatitude commandments of Your reign. InSpirit us to believe what You promised: the way You will uplift the fragile, forgotten, and forsaken to a privileged place, and will turn the tables on the values of prestige, power, and privilege of our present world. Help us to remain faithful, as we await and work for Your full and final coming, Lord.

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