Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time

First Scripture Reading
1 Corinthians 8: 1b-7, 11-13
Gospel Reading
Luke 6: 27-38

Opening Prayer

God of Wisdom and Mercy, help us to know You as the only God. Our human wisdom and deceptive needs create false gods we worship and even sacrifice for. I am sorry that I constantly try to recreate You in my image and likeness. Help us to live from Your image and likeness within us. Teach us to treat each other the way you treat us. It is frustrating to believe that You take our actions so seriously that You will treat us the way we treat each other. Your Gospel is challenging and stretches us! I’m not used to turning the other cheek, giving without expecting return, loving people I don’t trust, giving people the benefit of the doubt, withholding judgment and surrendering vengeance. I need Your help to be merciful, compassionate and wise. Give me today true knowledge, so that I love not simply from the deception born of my false gods. Give me the humility not to scandalize others, no matter how right the cause.

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