Other St. Therese of Lisieux Web Sites:

Archives of the Carmel of Lisieux

Written in French with English translation available, this website contains 8,500 pages of information, photographs, and documents on Therese.

Carmel de Lisieux

Written in French, this web site has been redesigned and is a beautiful reflection on Therese's life and Carmelite Spirituality.

Le centenaire de la mort de sainte Therese

Completely written in French, this web site recalls St. Therese's life, her canonization, the construction of the basilica dedicated to her, and describes all the places that the estimated two million or more visitors will want to visit during this centenary year of her death.

Sanctuary of Alençon

This web site visits the Sanctuary of Alencon, where St. Therese was born

Other Carmelite Ministries of the Society's Province:

Carmelite Province of the Most Pure Heart of Mary

This is the home page of the Society's religious leaders. Here you can learn about these men who serve the Catholic Church as Priests and Brothers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Peru.

Carmelite Vocation Office

This is the location to learn about the Carmelite commitment to Prayer, Community and Ministry. Here you will find out the requirements for becoming a Carmelite Priest or Brother.

Carmelite Spiritual Center

Visit this web site to learn more about the spiritual development seminars and programs available to the general public through this retreat and conference facility located in Darien, Illinois.

Carmelite Gift Shop

The Carmelite Gift Shop is located within the National Shrine of St. Therese in Darien, IL.

Carmel High School

Learn more about this Mundelein, Illinois high school which has been designated "A U.S. Blue Ribbon School" by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education and "A National Exemplary School" by the U.S. Department of Education.

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

Overlooking the world famous Niagara Falls, this Ontario facility provides Retreats, Workshops and opportunities for adult Religious Education. The Centre includes four Chapels, a religious gift shop, and overnight accommodations on twelve acres of beautiful grounds, within easy walking distance of the Falls.

Lay Carmelites

This is the place to learn more about what it means to be a Lay Carmelite. At this web site you can make purchases from "The Scapular Shop", keep up-to-date on Lay Carmelite news, and learn about The Call to Carmel.

National Shrine of St. Therese

The National Shrine of St. Therese is situated on a 50 acre Carmelite campus in Darien, Illinois. The Shrine includes both a museum devoted to the saint and a chapel where visitors can reflect and worship.

Information about the Carmelite Order:

The Carmelite Rule

Here you will find the foundation upon which all Carmelite communities were established, The Rule of Life. The Rule was given to the Carmelites by Albert, Patriarch of Jerusalem in 1204, and mitigated by Pope Innocent IV in 1247.

Los Santos Carmelitas

This web site is very similar to the "Saints of Carmel", but is written completely in Spanish.

Other Catholic Resources:

Liturgy of the Hours

Provided by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website, the Liturgy of the Hours is the daily prayer of the Church, marking the hours of each day and sanctifying the day with prayer.

The Vatican

Through this web site you can visit the Vatican's archives, learn more about The Holy Father, tour the Vatican Museums, or search for a topic of your choice. There is a tremendous amount of information available through this site.

The Catholic Encyclopedia

Through this web site, you can get access to the 15 volume encyclopedia which was originally published in 1913. The encyclopedia covers a wide range of topic, secular and religious, from a Catholic perspective.

The Complete List of Popes

A visit to this web site will provide you with a chronological listing of every Pope from St. Peter (32 AD) to John Paul II; along with a biography of each, and the time period he served.

U.S. Catholic Dioceses on the Web

This Web site provides direct links to over 90 U.S. Catholic Diocesan Web Sites and Webmasters.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

This organization presents God as a focus for a successful marriage. Marriage Encounter's goal is to revitalize a married couple's marriage through increased communication, and a deeper awareness of the faith life that binds couples together in love.

Pictorial Tours of Religious Sites:

The Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre

This web site provides you with a written and photographic tour of the Holiest site of Christianity; the place of the Crucifixion, Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus.

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Take a virtual tour of the largest Catholic church in the Western Hemisphere and the eighth largest in the world.