St. Therese’s Wisdom: Present Moment

St. Therese's Pearls of Wisdom: Present Moment

Taken from “Pearls of Wisdom” by M. Susan Lautenbach

I have frequently noticed that Jesus doesn’t want me to lay up provisions: He nourishes me at each moment with a totally new food; I find it within me without knowing how it is there. I believe it is Jesus Himself hidden in the depths of my poor little heart: He is giving me the grace of acting within me, making me think of all He desires me to do at the present moment.

What does it matter, Lord, if the future is bleak! I cannot pray for tomorrow’s needs…keep my heart pure, keep me in your shade, just for today.
-St. Therese of Lisieux

Our Prayer

Vessel of grace-
throughout your brief journey
you entered every moment of life
and embraced it completely-
knowing it was there
that you would encounter the face of God.

You trusted in
Divine protection,
Holy guidance,
and graced nourishment

-just for today-
recognizing that the present
is the only place
where God can be revealed.

How much of my own time is wasted
outside of God’s shade,
worrying about yesterday
and planning for tomorrow.

Release me from these anxieties
and my own need to control…
Free my soul to fly with the Spirit
in each breath that I take,
reminding me that all I have is NOW!