St. Therese’s Wisdom: Bold Confidence

St. Therese's Pearls of Wisdom: Bold Confidence

Taken from “Pearls of Wisdom” by M. Susan Lautenbach

Then you explained the life of Carmel (speaking to her sister about the convent at Lisieux) to me and it seemed so beautiful! When thinking over all you had said, I felt that Carmel was the desert where God wanted me to go…there wasn’t the least doubt in my heart; it was not the dream of a child led astray but the certitude of a divine call…”

(At the audience with the Pope)…They told us…it was forbidden to speak, as this would prolong the audience too much. I turned toward my dear Celine for advice: ‘Speak!’ she said.

‘Holy Father, in honor of your jubilee, permit me to enter Carmel at the age of fifteen!’

‘Go…you will enter if God wills it!’

…It was with force they dragged me from his feet…The two guards literally carried me to the door.

-St. Therese of Lisieux

Our Prayer

Bold and confident Therese! –
How certain you were of your early call to religious life at Carmel.

At the young age of nine, you first proclaimed your longings,
knowing that you would have to bide your time.
As each year passed, the urgings grew
and finally they could no longer be contained.

Listening to your heart, believing in your call,
you went from priest, to bishop, to Pope,
finally placing your desire in the hands of God.

Inspire in me that same bold confidence, Therese!
For all the dreams that rest in my heart,
grace me with the courage to listen for the will of God ~
and then to act on what I am called to do.

Help me to trust in God’s call in my life,
even when it might not make sense to others.