St. Therese and Healing of Spirit

St. Therese's home
Les Buissonets, St. Therese’s girlhood home.

Words of St. Therese

I have always longed to be a saint, but when I compare myself with the saints, I was conscious of the same difference that exists between a high mountain and a grain of sand. Instead of feeling discouraged, I would say to myself: God would never inspire me with an ideal that cannot be attained, so that I can still aspire to sanctity although I am so small and weak. I cannot become great; I must put up with myself as I am, with my innumerable imperfections, but I will try to find a new way to heaven quite short and direct. We live in a n age of inventions; in the houses of the rich you go up an a lift, instead of climbing the stairs. As I am too small to climb the arduous ladder of perfection, I also must find a lift to carry me up to God. I turned to the Scriptures to find some clue and came upon these words of eternal Wisdom: “Whomever is a little one, let him come to me!”… Your arms, O Jesus, are the lift which will carry me up to heaven.

Our Prayer

Jesus, Son of God, we need Your healing touch and uplifting arms. There are areas of our spirit which are wounded and hurting in darkness, fear and loneliness; images of God which haunt us rather than befriend us; images of ourselves as unworthy, inadequate, and ugly; perceptions of being guilty or shamed because of who we are; we become rigid and righteous; parts of our spirit are blind and crooked, stooped with the burdens of life; negative expectations become self-fulfilling prophecy; we get overwhelmed and don’t seek help. We carry the heavy and arrogant burden of earning our salvation by our good works, piety, prayers, penance and rituals, rather than accepting Your unconditional love as a free gift. Jesus, there are lost paths and dangling pieces of us which need to be pulled together, and uplifted in Your arms. Our spirits stagger without You. Heal us with the humility of St. Therese who embraced her littleness and allowed Your outstretched arms to lift her to the heights. We ask You this, through the intercession of St. Therese, who teaches us confidence and trust in Your love.