St. Therese and the Healing of Family

Words of St. Therese

God was pleased all through my life to surround me with love, and the first memories I have are stamped with smiles and the most tender caresses. But although He placed so much love near me, He also sent much love into my little heart, making it warm and affectionate. I loved Mamma and Papa very much and showed my tenderness for them in a thousand ways, for I was very expressive. The means I employed at times were strange, as this passage from one of Mamma’s letters proves:

“Baby is a little imp; she will kiss me and at the same time wish me to die. ‘Oh, how I wish you would die, dear little Mother!’ When I scold her she answers: ‘it is because I want you to go to heaven, and you must die to get there!’ She wishes the same for her Father in her outbursts of affection for him.”

Our Prayer

Jesus, Our Brother, we need Your healing touch! We are imps who have conflicting family feelings. Our friends we choose; our family are the ones You choose for us. The relationships of blood and covenants are connecting and confusing, and sometimes not all we expected. We feel victimized by the dysfunction we are born into and wallow in emptiness. Our parents weren’t all we wanted or needed. Our relatives are a challenge at times. Our children did not follow our paths, values and expectations. Misunderstandings, divorce, and betrayals at times mark our family relationships.

Heal us, Jesus, to embrace and enjoy our family for who they are, not for what we want them to be. Lift us from power struggles of control or sibling rivalries of jealousy. Free us of judgments which prevent us from cherishing and embracing the family members You choose for us. We ask You this, through the intercession of St. Therese, who teaches us confidence and trust in Your love.